SINGLE RELEASES 2018 April 13th: 700 May 23rd: Profil
Liina Magnea of Finnish-Icelandic descent is raised in Berlin and is both a singer and songwriter. She found producing in the box to be the best way to combine and approach composing starting at the young age of fifteen, installing a cracked version of Ableton on the family computer. Gaining experience as a young musician, Liina started performing with underground artists such as Khan of Finland, who coincidentally is the neighbor of her mom in Neukölln. In 2011 the next logical step for Liina was to study Fine Arts in Finland and immersed in the study of Finnish Folk music. Discovering her passion for its romantic melancholy, she began composing within this genre for her Finnish Indie band. After her year in the north she moved to Hamburg to study media art at the HFBK. The scene was rough so the songs became more beat oriented and she joined a girl band with her art school friends, singing about heart break, femininity and parties. Soon she dropped out of art school and moved to Amsterdam, where she formed a new noise pop band, with the choreographer and singer Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen and American producer and performer Adam Lempel. Their music can be described described as brutal noise topped with the voices of the two girls not only singing but mostly yelling over the beats. Although this band had a short lifetime it inspired Liina to start her own Solo project Magnea. While she was living In Amsterdam she made a strong connection with the producer/ composer Haraldur Thrastarson who was living and studying there at the Royal Conservatory and together they made an early demo of the Single 700. Iranian producer Maral Salmassi showed interest in working with Magnea after hearing the demo short after the three of them made 700 and Profile.

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